Annette Nauraine

Why I write

I write because I’m curious about the inner lives of people: what motivates, thrills, scares and drives them. How do damaged people survive to love again? How do love and relationships save us from ourselves? How do tragedy and joy form the human heart? What makes the human spirit indomitable?

I’m interested in how love, desire, hope, betrayal, loyalty, jealousy and ambition play out in relationships and across families and generations. I think we’re all broken and need to be repaired by love and community. To this end, I scratch away at the mystery of our lives.

Some of my most pressing questions revolve around the minefield of raising kids. How do I survive raising a child and still be able to think straight? How do I not screw my kid up? Or, tomorrow, will they forget that I screwed it up today? How much will therapy cost me when they’re 21? How can I make sure they remember the beneficial and benign and not the dismal (if not prosecutable) aspects of my parenting? How can I reassure myself I’m more competent than I think I am? Can someone else take solace in our shared muddle?

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