Christmas 2019

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Now that the kids are older, Christmas has lost a little of its luster. No wide-eyed boys waking us up at 5 am. No ripping through wrapping paper to discover toys. No losing interest in a gift after a week. No staying up late to assemble something on Christmas eve. No chasing around to find […]

The Lame Cook Recipes

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Moira Kalman had a recent cartoon where one of the lines was, ‘glug together some mushrooms’. That’s about the extent of my cooking. I always say my culinary claim to fame is that no one ever died at my table. Yet. So here’s a recipe you might like if you don’t consider yourself a cook. […]


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I’m on vacay from family and staying for ten days with good friends in Oslo in their fantastic home. So far, I’ve slept a ton, taken a long hike, eaten too much cheese, drunk a lot of wine and felt the weight of responsibility drop from my shoulders. It’s amazing how renewing a journey can […]

My new website!

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I’m so excited to have my new website up and running. It was built by Steamy I think she did a great job. If you’re in the market for a new site, check her out. See you here again soon. Annette